Thursday, June 14, 2012

You are You

Today was a good day. I did a lot of thinking and had a lot of reasons to smile.

First off - I got asked on a date at work. Later a guy asked me for my phone number. I wish we were allowed to work with jewelry on our fingers because you wouldn't believe how often I have to bring up my husband to give guys a hint. It only makes for very awkward conversation killers...but I'm getting pretty good at it.

Second - When I got home from work, my turtle had eaten a hole in his box, escaped, and was running around my kitchen floor.

Third - I finally got a hold of  Garrett and we got to chat for about an hour! After seeing him and talking to him almost everyday for the past ten months, we're both really missing each other. He told me all about his Summer job (my old nanny job) and I told him all of my stories! He goes through the temple next week and I'm heading up that way Monday to spend some time at home (finally after 8 months) and be there when he goes through. I'm so excited for him and even more excited that I will get to be there with him for his first time. Did I mention that I miss him a lot? He leaves in a little over two months. Crazy.

Fourth - I had a really neat experience while working today. A young girl (probably about my age) came up to me and asked me where the office was. She was dressed very professionally, with her hair and make-up done (it was apparent she had a job interview). As I began directing her to the office, I noticed that one of the sleeves in her sweater was empty. Then as she pulled out a paper in her purse, I saw that her other arm only had two fingers and it was only as long as my elbow. As she smiled her beautiful smile, thanked me, and headed for the office, I was overcome with emotion. Though we had talked for barely a minute, she had permanently made an impression on me. I instantly wanted to walk her in and give her a job in my store on the spot, but then I began thinking how it would be nearly impossible to find her any job here that she would be able to do - since all of them involve working with food and handing money. I started thinking how hard and frustrating it must be for her to get a job anywhere because she didn't have the use of hands and arms. I was suddenly reminded of a few simple truths. We are all children of God. He knows and loves every single one of us with an unconditional love. Each of us are given very specific trials while in this mortal experience to help stretch and grow us to reach our full potential. And lastly, I am so incredibly blessed to have a working and healthy body that I have. Sometimes I find myself putting my body down or wishing I didn't have so many allergies so I could eat all the yummy foods that I miss, but let's be honest. I have a body that works, that allows me to dance, and run, and exercise, and sing, and talk, and hike, and anything else I want to. I am so blessed to be me.

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