Saturday, June 23, 2012

Families are Forever

This past week I spent in Washington visiting my family. It had been since Thanksgiving - a world record for me - and much TOO long to be away from home. It was wonderful getting to be back home and spend time with all my brothers. I drove them around to a lot of their practices and watched them. I am such a baby. I cried so much just watching them and being overwhelmed with pride seeing how talented they are and wishing I could be around them more. It is so hard being the older sister and not getting to be around them while they grow up. All I can say is that every time I see my brothers, they are incredibly more handsome, a lot taller, and a lot more smarter. It's fun seeing them interact with one another and remembering past memories of us being little. I have the greatest brothers and would do ANYTHING in the world for them.
Watching Brigham at football practice

Poor Levi had an ear infection so he wasn't allowed to swim with the rest of us. I caught him sitting on this ball, watching us swim, and wishing he could join in. So sad.

Levi playing Marimbas at his concert

Talmage playing the bass marimba at his concert

He is almost as tall as me!

And his feet are BIGGER than mine.

Dairy Queen Date!

Garrett went through the temple for the first time and I was lucky enough to attend it and join in on his special day. Isn't he growing up so fast?

He leaves in a little over 2 months but I won't see him again until he's going into the MTC!

Probably the last time the 6 of us will be together for two and a half years! Yes, I cried a lot.

  Also, Trevin looks mad in this picture, but it was only because I said, "BIG SMILES!" and he had to be a stinker. I had a lot of fun with Trevin running errands, shopping, driving around, and talking about school and life. He is growing up so fast and I am constantly impressed by how incredible he is. He is so much like me it's almost weird. It was even weirder watching him take the car everyday and letting him drive me around some of the time. My little brother should NOT be old enough to drive yet. And now he's 17 and a senior. Time passes too quickly. I love you boys!

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  1. I seriously know how you feel! I only have 2 younger brothers, but every time I see them they seem like completely different people!! So hard...