Thursday, June 14, 2012

Turtle and Fish

 Last night we stopped by Jared and Baylee's to say our last goodbyes before they head on to their new adventure. Eric and I have been so sad to say goodbye to all our friends that graduated and are moving on to   "real life". But alas, that will be us before we know it. Thanks Jared and Baylee for being such close friends and always bringing smiles and happiness in our lives! Thankfully, they are moving up to Washington so we will hopefully get to see them next time we visit!
Eric and I kept fighting over who got to hold their beautiful baby girl =)
  Last week I saw an add on Craigslist for a free turtle! I got so excited because I miss having animals and we're not allowed to have any dogs here (not like we would have time for one anyway). So we called the owner and set up a time for us to go pick up our free turtle! I was ecstatic, and Eric - who has never had a turtle before - settled on a name: Speedy M'clackster (but he wanted to call him Clacky). Well, about half an hour after talking to its owner...she called us back and sadly informed us her roommate had already given him away. We were both pretty devastated. So as fate would have it, as we left Jared and Baylee's last night, they asked us to watch their turtle, named Turtle, and fish, named Fish, for a month before they passed back through Provo on their way home. So, Eric and I still ended up with a pet turtle (even if it's temporary) and a fish!

He will put his face until our cabinets and fall asleep like that because he thinks he is hidden under a rock. It's pretty funny.

And Eric and I will both admit, we're loving having them! We talk to them a lot and take Turtle outside to let him walk around and eat grass. I know it's pretty corny, but it's still fun! The funniest was when Eric cut out a picture of the Colosseum from our travel magazine and taped it to the side of the fish bowl for the fish to look at. I love the smiles he brings to my face every day!

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