Friday, October 5, 2012

October already?

Time flies when you're having fun! I can't believe it's already October, can you? We're already almost half way through the semester and I am in shock of how fast everything is happening. When October rolled around we made some goals for the month to push ourselves. I am continuing my goal of going to the gym at least 6x a week, along with eating a completely 100% raw food diet for the month. Eric decided (with a lot of pushing from me of course) to go gluten free for the month and see if he feels any different.
This past week we had a lot of...interesting happenings. First off, our oven exploded! The heating coils inside melted apart and literally caused an explosion in our kitchen. I felt my life flashing before my eyes. Since then, we've been getting creative on how to cook all Eric's meals on the stove top. You never realize how often you use something until it's gone. Second off, our microwave we went to Walmart and bought the cheapest model we could find. Now it takes almost 10 minutes to defrost something compared to the 1 minute our last microwave used. Cheap is not always better, but when you're college doesn't matter. Last week I got an eye infection but fought it for 5 days before I finally woke up with my eyes swollen shut on Friday. I finally got the guts to skip all my classes (first time of the semester) and go see the eye doctor. Almost $100 later, I left with an eye drop bottle about the size of my pinky finger and my infection cleared up within 24 hours. Lessons learned? Never procrastinate an eye infection and medicine is expensive. This week the Beijing Dance Company was here visiting BYU. We put on a show for them Monday evening and a few of us girls performed a Chinese Umbrella Dance as a gift for them. It was rather a magical experience getting to dance it for them, regardless of how silly we felt. I was too cheap to buy tickets to their concert, but everyone else who went has talked about nothing else. And yes, I regret being cheap.
Last weekend we drove up to Duchesne for Amber and Sam's wedding reception. It was Eric's first time going out there, so it was quite an adventure. We stayed up all night playing games, laughing, and enjoying ourselves. Then Sunday we attended the Brigham City Temple Dedication. As we got out of the car to walk into the building, my dress zipper busted (the zipper goes down the front) and it began unzipping itself. I carried in my purse to cover the front which was very much unzipped by that point...but when we got to the door, they told us we couldn't carry in any bags. Luckily, I had a white hankerchief to cover my lap with the rest of the dedication. Lesson learned? Don't get dresses with zippers down the front. A few days ago Eric and I decided to take a beautiful drive up the canyon and admire the beautiful colors in nature. We brought water colors to paint, but half way through our drive, we both were feeling extremely sick. We should have eaten food before we attempted to drive all the windy and twisty roads through the mountain. Sadly, Eric threw up all the way down the mountain and we  never got to paint our pictures. So, if you're planning a romantic drive through the some food first.

Isn't life great? The past few weeks have been one thing after another, along with an arm full of homework and exams. But life couldn't be better. We've been having fun decorating for Halloween (Eric's favorite holiday) and going for late night runs after the gym. He also surprised me last weekend when I got home from a long day of shows with a hair cut and a shave! No more beard! Though I've felt at the end of my thread the past few days, I have witnessed many miracles all around me. I am constantly reminded of the blessings I have in my life. My biggest blessing is Eric, who keeps me smiling and is constantly supporting me when I feel I've had enough. Here's to the rest of October and to what ever else might come our way!

From our beautiful drive up the canyon!

Us and the Beijing Dance Company!

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