Sunday, October 28, 2012

Haunted Happenings

 I know I say it all the time, but I can't believe this was our last full week in October. In a few shorts days, it will be November! But of course, I'm not complaining. That means Christmas is just that much closer!

Eric is still busy every night with rehearsals for Holiday. Next week are his final dress and tech rehearsals and then his show starts the next week. I am so excited to finally see it!
So I can say whatever I want, because he's my man and I'm a little biased, but isn't he handsome?

I spent most of this week pouring over my chemistry books and ended up taking the longest test of my life in the testing center. But it was worth it, because I got an A! We also signed up for our LAST semester of classes at BYU! *gulp* that much closer to grad school and "real adult life." Neither of us are sure how we feel about it. 

We also got to see Ryan (Eric's brother) for the weekend! Though it was a short visit and we both had a lot of rehearsals, it was still fun to see him when we did!

This week we also found out that Eric's sister Ashley is having her third boy! With Justin and Shellese's twins coming in November, there will soon be three new additions to the Gourley clan! So exciting!

Friday night I had at the Provo Convention Center for 200 Japanese exchange students and their host families. The show went well, but our stage felt and sounded like a plastic (and textured) cutting board. Needless to say, our clogging number sounded and looked more painful than anything with all of the scratching taps against the stage. 

Here's our group at the "Brandon Home" in Pleasant Grove
Yesterday I spent most of the day working with Habitat Humanity on a home in Pleasant Grove. It was a "costume build" (hence why I'm wearing my old Indian costume)...but I ended regretting the costume when we spent most of our day painting. Not only do I love giving service and building homes for families who cannot have their own, but I really love being around construction. Is that weird? I grew up my whole life with my family's construction company and ever since I was little I remember my dad taking me to all of their sites and getting to see different homes and projects being built from the foundation, to the framing, all the way to the final touches. I love the smell of sawdust and paint, and I love the sounds of hammering, drilling, and sawing. I also LOVE the "new house" smell. Though I spent most of the day painting, I really spent most of the day reminiscing about me being a little girl and spending time with my dad. I remember when we built our last house as a family and how it was probably my favorite thing we ever did together. I remember driving around our backhoes and helping dad dig out our basement, getting to help him with all the foundation, the framing, the painting, the tiling, and everything else. Though we don't live in that house still, it holds so many memories of us as a family! Do you ever wish you could go back and relive certain moments of your childhood?

 Last night, after some much needed gym time, Eric and I went on our first real date with just the two of us in who knows how long. We went up to Thanksgiving Point (my first time ever) and had a fun time wandering through the corn mazes and the haunted houses. Our favorite thing of the night ended up being the kids racing slides...we couldn't get enough of them! On our way out we picked out GIANT pumpkins which we will be carving later tonight with friends. Though it was a little cold, we had so much fun just getting to do something with the two of us. I love being married and having a best friend who shares all of my same passions and hobbies!

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