Sunday, October 28, 2012

A penny for your thoughts

This week in one of my classes we had a lesson on finding purpose in the insignificant things of life. Our lesson was likened to someone passing a penny on the ground - something I think we've all done. Often we pass a penny and don't pick it up because we're in a hurry and we think, "It's only a penny." But how many times do we do this with other blessings God brings into our lives that at the time we don't see or feel are significant. I was really touched by the idea of finding value in everything in life, especially the small things that often go unnoticed. I think humility is one of the keys to "seeing" those small things in life that we often ignore when clouded by pride. Too often we want something bigger, or a more obvious answer to our prayers. But I have found that God is constantly sending us tender mercies daily - they are just often really small that we fail to recognize them. As a side note, a guy in my class raised his hand and told us for the two years he served his mission, he picked up change every time he passed it, and in total collected $285 dollars worth! We need to be humble enough to notice the little things in life because in turn, they will make us who we are and have a much bigger impact on us then we ever realize. So next time you pass a penny, pick it up and ponder what small blessings in your life God has given you.

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