Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leaves are Falling all around...

The past week has been very eventful for us Gourleys! Besides the usual homework and tests, we've had Eric's brother Justin here visiting with us! Our fun week with Justin started out with the BYU parade and homecoming BLACK OUT game...

I think I'm having a little too much fun in this picture
Eric and Nate always go to the games together, but this time Justin and I got to sneak seats with them! Don't you love our blackout shirts?
The stands looked legit with everyone wearing black!
Saturday after the game we got a flat tire and spent most of the night trying to get it fixed. Then Sunday we spent the evening with Grandma Gourley. We all got some good laughs as Eric and Justin drove around her house and tried out her new "jazzy."

Growing up is always optional...
 After classes on Monday we took Justin on our usual bike ride down the river to Utah Lake. We go every week and I swear the trees just get prettier and prettier. Here's a few snapshots from our ride:

Utah Lake

Justin and Eric 
I rode behind to take pictures and I'll admit, ran into a few trees and fences while getting distracted with my camera. Next time I'll make sure to stop every time I take a picture!

Tuesday we went shopping for Halloween decorations...

When Wednesday rolled around Eric and Justin took off for Nevada to go deer hunting while I held up the fort here in Provo (aka...sat around and studied for exams). It's always so sad when Eric leaves and I'm here all alone (or vice versa)! 

Here's the boys before we said goodbyes!
Here's my man during the hunt! Don't you love his new hair-do for his latest play at BYU?
Their sleeping the back of Justin's truck!
The boys came back empty handed because they never saw any deer, just a lot of antelope. Next year they're putting in for antelope tags instead...

Tonight was our last night before Justin leaves in the morning! We went on a 16 mile bike ride and then enjoyed Hocus Pocus while eating Indian, Chinese and Pizza for dinner (guess which one I ate)! Here's some more gorgeous pictures from our bike ride:

I've been really pushing myself to give myself "fun breaks" every once in a while. I usually do nothing but homework (and gym time) from sun-up to sun-down, and usually by Saturday I'm a big, grumpy stress-case. After Uchtdorf's talk in conference about enjoying the journey, I made some goals on taking things more slow, spending more quality time with Eric and allowing myself some fun time every once in a while. This past week with Justin has been really good for me and as hard as it has been to set unfinished homework aside, it's been very rewarding. Here's to all the fun that awaits Eric and I in October!

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