Saturday, September 15, 2012


This past week was our EVIDANCE show at BYU! It was so rewarding to be a part of this show, on and off stage. We had fabulous support every night in the audience and it was always so fun after the show to go visit the audience members and discover all our friends out there! It was even more fun sweating and working together as not only our dance ensemble, but with all the other dance ensembles as well. Our show not only included our folk dance ensemble, but theatre ballet, contemporary dance theatre, living legends and ballroom. We really are blessed to be at such a unique university and get to participate in the incredible programs that we do. Tonight, closing night, the living legends team gave us a beautiful devotional and sang for us. Words can't express the chills we all felt and the tears that came to our eyes as they sang with such a wonderful spirit. This week I had a lot of moments where I teared up as I listened to the devotionals given, the prayers offered, and the supportive cheering and comments given to us throughout our hectic week. I am so blessed to be here at this university and to be blessed to be part of such a wonderful and life changing program.

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