Friday, September 14, 2012

Meet the Burtons!

If you've never met Amber Moon and got the opportunity to spend a few minutes with her, you really are missing out. Amber is one of the few people who has such an uplifting influence on me and every time I'm with her, I walk away feeling so enlightened and important. She truly is the most perfect girl I've ever met in my life and I look up to her so much. Amber not only inspires me, but keeps me motivated to be a better person. Today was Amber's wedding to Sam Burton in the Salt Lake Temple! Though I haven't spent much time around Sam, Amber has always spoken so highly of him and every time I see them together, there is no question that they are a perfect couple. Two of the most perfect people got married on such a perfect day in a perfect place! It was my first real temple sealing I've been able to attend (besides my own) and ... not to anyone's surprise ... I bawled the whole time like a baby. Here are some pictures we snapped on my camera while spending the whole day in Salt Lake. It was so much fun to be a bridesmaid and most importantly get to share Amber and Sam's beautiful day together!

waiting for the bride and groom to come out...
Sister's hugging! So precious!
She is just so beautiful!
All our feet were obviously a little tired...

Us striking a Ukrainian pose...once a folk dancer, always a folk dancer?
They're both just so gorgeous!
Here's our attempt at a vogue shot...
This would be a cute picture if it wasn't for my awkward legs...
Oh the fun we had....
Here's Amber's adorable baby sister who is 2 years old....she just is the cutest ever!
Brandi trying to get Aspen to smile...they're both so cute!
We pretty much had the best luncheon table ever!
We were rockin' our aprons to protect all our nice clothes!

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