Thursday, September 13, 2012

Complementary Halves

Lately in my American Heritage class we have been studying and discussing the romance stories and cute letters that the were written between the Founding Fathers and their sweethearts. It intrigues me to see these men, who we think of as strong and brave and somewhat solemn, courting their sweethearts and being really coy and cute to them. While doing the reading this week, I started thinking how wonderful these women were and how they don't usually receive much credit for the cheerleaders and supporters they were. In a letter written by John Adams to his fiance he said something that really stood out to me. He wrote and told her that she, and only she, would form him into the man he had always wanted to be. I have been really impressed as I've thought about the powerful and influential women behind our Founding Fathers. Those women must have had so much faith and trust in their husbands and probably spent a lot of time on their knees praying for them.

Being married has really taught me a lot of about working as a pair and always being there for each other. So many of my friends have graduated and are now cheering their husbands on in medical schools. I think we often forget that behind every good man, is a greater woman. I'm so proud of all the women in my life who have been such strong examples of courage and support to me.

Benjamin Franklin once said that, "A man without a wife is like half a half pair of scissors." I think this works the other way around too. The past two weeks have been really hectic for me and I've embarrassed to admit I've been neglecting my house and husband. Exams, homework, and our dance show this week have really kept me busy. Eric has been so sweet in helping reduce my stress load by making me dinner the past few nights, going grocery shopping, driving me to school (so I can have even 10 extra minutes to study), picking me up from late night rehearsals, giving me foot rubs while I study all night, and even helping me with homework. Marriage truly is a wonderful and amazing as I've seen us both growing and sacrificing to help each other. Eric, you truly are my complementary half.

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