Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Now what?

A little over an hour ago I walked out of my last final...
(I had to take these...the testing center line went all the way around the JSB, past the ESC, and to the SWKT...I''m soooo glad I didn't have to wait in this...)
(click on this picture so you can see how long the line was....the consequences of procrastination)
The final was for the class I've worried and struggled with all semester - mostly due to a confusing and not-so-fun professor. I've been extremely stressed that I would have to take a C for a final grade, something that has never happened before. EVER. I know there is always a first time for everything, but can I just opt out of that one? Well, thanks to hard work and a lot of praying, I'm getting a B! Seven finals later I have officially finished my senior year with almost all A's.
(studying for finals in the library for hours on glad it's over,  it was starting to get to us...)

(Apparently finals were getting to Snickers too...she has hated being home alone all week. I saw this picture on campus today and had to take a picture...look familiar?)
So now what? Eric's Hale Theater Play that's been going on since January just closed last Saturday and tomorrow...he graduates! Can you believe it? Then Monday we both will be saying goodbye for a few weeks while he goes to New York and I head up to visit my family in Washington. Eric is going straight from New York to Las Vegas where he will have a second shoulder surgery. From there he'll head back to Provo to start rehearsals for his newest play, "Guys and Dolls!" While in Washington I get to fly out to San Francisco to watch the Amgen Tour of California (perks of being a nanny) and get to see San Fran for the first time! Then I head back to Provo for a week of rehearsals and shows, and then fly out to St. Louis for a 2-week long tour! Sound like an eventful next 7 weeks? Yes.

I'm so relieved to be done with school and am so excited to finally have time to do everything that's been itching at me all year long. 

Dear Summer,

Bring. It. On.

-a very happy and stress-free me

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