Friday, April 5, 2013

Eric's 26th birthday

Can you believe my man is 26? I sure can't. What's even weirder is I'll be turning 22 this year...and that just seems really old. I still think I'm 19 half of the time and I have to remember I turned the big 2.1. last year. Yikes! 

We celebrated his birthday with friends last night (due to him having a show tonight on his birthday) and it was a complete success! He wanted a night with games and we planned a party and made his favorite better-than-sex cakes.

One of the activities we did at his party was having everyone fill out a survey. Two of the questions that had the best responses were what song describes him best and what epitaphs would you write on his grave stone. Here are some of the responses:


  • don't stop believing
  • tiny dancer
  • next to lovin' i like fightin' best
  • a boy named Sue
  • i need a hero
  • woolly bully
  • waitin' on a woman
  • creepin


  • three square meals a day they said, Eric had 5 and now he's dead
  • and the gingers rejoiced (inside joke...)
  • the tiger won
  • i'll be back
  • the honor code is safe again
  • whose we white boy
Today was his actual birthday and we decided to go around and get a couple free meals using his birthday coupons and discounts. It was pretty fun (not to mention the interesting encounters we had)....
After eating, and eating some more, we went home and he opened all his presents from me! Now he's at his show and I'm getting ready to bake his favorite dinner, Manicotti. 

Eric works so hard all the time and I'm so proud of him. A lot of people who don't know him are often intimidated and scared by his presence, but he truly is one of the most loyal friends I've ever known. He constantly is reaching out to others and doing things for those he loves. He's a little man with a big heart, and I sure love him! Happy birthday Eric!

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