Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Keeping busy and loving life

We're now into the fourth week of the semester...and I might add, Eric's last! Because I was able to extend graduation, this semester has been awesome! I am taking the smallest class load I've ever taken in all four years of being here and I'm finding a lot of fun things to do with my time! Tuesdays and Thursdays I spend volunteering at the mental hospital and also working at a PT clinic. I need to get around 200 hours before I apply for graduate school in July. Thus far I'm at...16. I know I have a long way to go, but I'm just glad I finally have time to start!

I've learned a lot of things being at the hospital. Most importantly, I have discovered how much I love Physical Therapy. Sometimes it's hard getting myself up at 7 every morning, but I always come home in a good mood and love every minute I'm there. I love the people I work with and especially the patients. I've met some of the sweetest people and have been both humbled and taught by them and their circumstances. Every day I come home grateful for my life, my current situation, my husband, my religion, my health, my body, my education and my blessings. All I can say is I'm pretty excited for graduate school and have got some pretty good stories from conversations I've had while helping at the hospital.

In my other "spare" time, I've been working out a couple hours a day and finally having time for lifting and running with Eric. One of my goals for the new year was to finally make time to run a full marathon. I'm getting so excited! I also made a goal at the beginning of the year to spend more quality time with Eric and make time for us to have more of a social life. In the past week we went to Vegas with the Burtons, had a sushi night (tried Sushi for the first time...and loved it), went to Stake Conference, birthday party for Janessa, go down to the Lake and walk the trail in the fog (I was scared, so I stayed in the car...but Eric and Scott loved the full moon), watched Pitched Perfect, had the Shepherds over to visit and dip strawberries and pretzels in chocolate, birthday party for Scott, AND have FHE at nickel city with the Fieldings and Walkers! We are truly blessed to have so many awesome friends and I am so excited to finally feel like I have time to spend time with them and my wonderful talented funny SEXY handsome and witty husband!
Eric ordered the all you can eat...and had to down 6 rolls! Thanks to all our friends who helped him finish it!
First time having Sushi! Already craving more!

FHE at Nickel City! It was so good to see these guys! They're adorable!
So glad the Walkers joined us! It was a night full of laughs!

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