Monday, January 7, 2013

And so it begins...

Yesterday I kissed my hubby goodbye and left him in Vegas as I headed back to Provo. I've never been on a road trip ALONE I was pretty nervous. But I got here in one piece. After body slamming my frozen front door open, and 14 trips from the car with my arms full of STUFF, I finally shut the door and found myself, alone, in a 35 degree apartment. I put on a hat, gloves, coat, socks, and turned on the heater. My laptop was frozen to our coffee table, which made me laugh, and when I started doing laundry the soap was so frozen it wouldn't pour. I opened my fridge door to completely empty shelves and settled on a few left overs I'd brought home with me for dinner. Welcome back.

Today made my head hurt as I went from class to class, trying to figure out what classes I want to keep and what to drop. I FINALLY got my graduation extended! But I'm trying not to get too excited and am playing things out slow and smart. I'm doing all my classes left for my major except 2 and they both are offered in if I did need to graduate and not extend an entire year, I'll be good to go. Depending on how things go for Eric after his graduation in April, I'll decide if I'm extending out for the entire year...which is of course what I want to do. But it's more important to me to follow my husband so we can stay close and not be living in two separate cities if he gets a good job.

After being on break for about two days I started going crazy not having things to study and homework to do! It's been really fun today to be back in school learning things and catching up with all my friends! Here's a few things I realized today:

1. School is sad without my husband. Even if we never see each other, it's knowing I'm going home to an empty house that makes me sad. I miss you Eric.
2. I missed dance more than I realized. And my friends. I'm also glad I worked out over the break.
3. Everyone is still sick and it's going all over Provo. Sickness please stay away from me!
4. I love how everyone at BYU is so friendly and you can just start up conversations walking anywhere with people you don't know. And it's not weird.
5. My new job is really fun and I'm so excited to do it!
6. I forgot how awful grocery shopping is on the first night of school.
7. The gym was jam-packed tonight. It's funny how it's packed the first night of school, and then by the end of the semester there is never anyone there. Except my husband. He never misses.
8. My hubby gets shoulder surgery in the morning. I wish I could be there for him.
9. Six hours of dance every day is going to do me good this semester. I'm never going to survive graduating and giving up dance for graduate school.
10. No letter from our missionary today. Talking to him on Christmas was the best. Every time a semester starts, I have to remind myself he won't be here to join me. I miss having my little brother at school with me!
11. Grocery shopping for myself is a WHOLE LOT cheaper then when I shop for us both.
12. This semester will probably be the easiest semester I've ever had. I have a lot of reasons for choosing a lighter load...all of which will lead to a more enjoyable semester and hopefully a less-stressed wife and friend. Time to focus on others, especially my hubby, and not so much on homework.
13. All this time I've been thinking we pay a LOT more then we should for our apartment, but after talking to a few friend today, we're getting a pretty good deal. Which is a good thing, because we love it, and might be here a lot longer than planned.
14. I always consider myself very independent, but after being away for a little more than 24 hours from my husband, I'm discovering I'm not. I sure miss him.

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