Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012!

With the start of a new year I've been reflecting on everything I have done and accomplished in 2012 and of course, making my lists of goals for 2013. I'm amazed at everything I was able to do and see last year and am excited for all the adventures and new turns my life will take in the next 12 months. It's a little frightening not knowing when I'm graduating and what is in store for us after graduation...but it's also really exciting thinking about the new experiences we will under-go and the new friends we will make. It's time to work harder, laugh more often, enjoy every moment, and smile at whatever this new year brings my way. Here's to 2013!

Highlights of 2012:

Welcomed 2012 on our family cruise in Mexico!
Said goodbye to Grandma who left for her mission to Las Vegas!
Went to a Brad Paisley concert, which was my first concert ever!
Said goodbye to my best friend who left for her mission to Croatia!

Danced on the same team as my little brother and got to tour a month around Utah with him!

Ran over 13 miles a day all Spring, which is the longest distance I've ever ran!
Got to see my little brother go through the temple!
Spent the Summer in Europe! Visited over 9 countries, saw a lot, ate a lot, and did a lot of missionary work!
Went on our first camping trip as a married couple and got to hike all of the Moab arches for the  first time!

Went to our first BYU football game together!
Got my new PAC warm-ups!
Danced A LOT!
Got to be a bridesmaid for the first time!
Got a new niece and nephew!
Found a supplement that cleared up  6 of my 7 allergies!
Got a new job at BYU teaching fitness classes!
Spent Christmas break in Arizona with my family!
Got to skype my little brother in Peru on Christmas day!

BRING ON 2013!!!!!!!

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