Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Hard-workin' Man

I'm so proud of my hubby and all the hard work he does every single day. He's been juggling four jobs since school got out, and is now working over 60 hour weeks. He leaves at 7 am and gets back often later than 10 pm. Still, he never misses a day at the gym. Neither does he slack on anything else. Yesterday he got the morning off and it was so nice getting to eat breakfast together and have a few hours of "laziness." I left for work while he was still home but when I got back last night, he had cleaned the kitchen and emptied the dishwasher (my least favorite thing to do in the kitchen). I am so grateful for Eric and how much he helps me around the house.
So after work I spent almost two hours making this fancy-smanshy spinach lasagana. I was so excited for Eric to get home because he LOVES lasagna and we usually don't make it because we don't have the time. Here's the link if you want the recipe Ground beef, caramelized onion and spinach lasagna. It's from my all time favorite cooking blog...we try new recipes off of it at least two or three times a week!
Last Sunday Eric and I went on a 13 mile bike ride and we passed these wild orange flowers that were GORGEOUS! I wanted to take them home so bad but I didn't want to carry them back 8 miles. So when Eric got home last night he had stopped by the field at work and picked them for me. Needless to say, we both were feeling a little spoiled.
Today we allowed ourselves to both sleep in since we both had the morning off of work. We finally got up around 11 (I know...I know...), tied on our running shoes, and left for our Saturday 13 mile run. Since we're both so busy during the week, we usually only run 5-6 miles a night. But the last 3 Saturday's we've managed to go on a 13 mile run and are going to make a habit of it. Not even 2 minutes into our run, it started raining. We ran along the Provo river trail and were amazed by how beautiful and luscious everything looked in the rain. It reminded us a lot of our trip last Summer to Nauvoo and flooded our minds with memories. I'm glad that I married a motivator because he keeps me going and is always willing run an extra mile or two with me. 

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