Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tis the Season

I don't care what people say about Christmas not being allowed until December. The Christmas Season can come as early as it wants! I love the feeling of the season, with the giving, the goodies, and the cheer that is spread all over. It's my favorite time of year! Since we won't be around much in December, we decided to set up the Christmas decorations and enjoy them for as long as we could.

One Christmas tradition we have started is getting a nativity in all the places we travel to. It was so fun pulling them all out today and laughing at the bargaining and other funny things we did when getting them. Here's a few of my favorite ones:

This one came from Italy and my mom gives me pieces every Christmas to add to the set. It was my favorite even as a little girl so a few years ago she got me my very own!
Here's one of the ones we bought in Poland this Summer. It's made of nothing but sticks and twigs!
Here's the one we picked out in Cabo on our Mexico Cruise this past Christmas! It is made of fish bone!
Last Christmas season was a bitter-sweet season because it was Eric's last Christmas Around the World. It was really hard dancing in the show and knowing we wouldn't get to do folk dance together again. Well, God hears prayers and knows our inner thoughts and struggles. A miracle occurred before the last show of Christmas Around the World that has not only touched our lives forever, but changed them permanently. A dear friend and respected faculty member who has always really admired Eric, brought us a Christmas gift wrapped in a beautiful red box with beautiful ribbons. It was full of Christmas ornaments collected from over 30 foreign countries and numerous folk dance tours. They were his most prized possessions and were full of memories from over 40 years. With tears in his eyes, he taught Eric and I a very valuable lesson. He said to never look back with bitterness or regret when things have to end, but to always be grateful for the memories and friendships created. He gave us the box and asked us that every year we would make it a tradition to decorate our tree and reminisce on the blessings that folk dance had brought into our lives.

This year has been extra hard now knowing that it is now my turn to dance in my very last Christmas Around the World. In fact, it's been painfully heart breaking and quite an emotional ride. But after talking with Eric, I realized that all good things have to end. I'll never be ready to let folk dance go. As we opened our magical box and decorated our tree tonight, tears were brought to both of our eyes as we thought about the blessings that folk dance has brought to both of us. We've made friendships that will last forever, we've touched lives of members all over the world, and have been made better individuals as we have grown closer to Christ.

I hope that as the Christmas Season continues on (and with Thanksgiving near) we'll all be able to reflect on the blessings in our lives. Good things might have to end, but the memories live on. After all, isn't that what Christmas is? It's a time to celebrate Christ and to reflect on all he did while on earth and  that he still does now. I am so grateful for my Savior and for all the many beautiful blessings he has given me.

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  1. Love this (: Christmas is the best.
    Also- I have that same nativity set from Italy!! It's beautiful!