Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Golden Birthday

On August 21st I turned 21 years old! I'm not going to lie, I feel really old now. I've taken a step into the next big decade and am now legal to do a lot of things like rent cars and get a drivers license that is actually horizontal instead of vertical! I'd been in Provo for a week alone for dance rehearsals while Eric went on a trip to California with the family. We were both really REALLY missing each other, so words cannot describe how excited I was when he showed up Tuesday night after my rehearsals! I opened my front door to see my sweetheart holding a dozen beautiful roses!

The rest of the night was perfect. Eric took me out to dinner to my favorite restaurant here in Provo, The Indian Palace! The food was DELICIOUS, but the best part was all the smiles and laughs we shared as we caught up and he told me about his past week in Disney Land.

 After dinner Eric gave me a slow dance to our song, "That's All", and then he made me a gluten free chocolate cake while I started a movie we rented. I was extremely surprised and happy when Scott showed up with a present for me...
 21 golden balloons for my golden 21st birthday! After visiting and catching up with Scott, who we missed a ton this Summer, Eric finished the cake...while hiding it from my view. I noticed four boxes of candles sitting on the counter, each with 24 candles, and asked Eric why he got so many (thinking he didn't realize there were 24 per box...). He smiled and said, "You'll see." When he turned off the lights and let me see the cake for the first time, I realized why he'd gotten so many candle boxes.

 He'd dug out all the golden candles from each box so that he could put 21 golden candles on my cake that he'd cut to look like this...

All I had wanted was to finally be home in our apartment with my very missed sweetheart and everything had been perfect. Eric told me he would continue my birthday surprises on Saturday when my rehearsals were done. Can I just say he is so thoughtful and sweet?

Saturday rolled around and Eric surprised me with a picnic and games up Provo Canyon. It was so refreshing to enjoy the mountain air and see all the beautiful trees that are ALREADY starting to turn colors (Is it really almost Fall? Time is flying by...).

After our picnic Eric took me shopping and told me to "get whatever you want love". How often is a girl told that? We had a good time laughing and going in and out of stores. I love spending time with my man and love how good he is to me. Thanks Eric for giving me such a special golden birthday!

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  1. SUCH a fun birthday celebration!!! And that is so sweet with the golden candles. Happy Birthday! :)