Saturday, April 14, 2012

Snow on Easter

We couldn't believe it when we woke up and saw this outside our window! The day before it had been hot and sunny, and now there was over 6 inches of snow! Thankfully, we made it safely to Spanish Fork and were able to spend some family time with Justin and Shellese (who came up from Las Vegas) and Grandma Gourley. She'd just gotten her first computer and internet, so we spent the afternoon teaching her how to maneuver her finger around the mouse pad and also how to open and close things such as the internet. We event went as far as to set her up a facebook account! The best part was that we showed her what Skype was and we skyped the Bakers in Indianapolis! Grandma's whole face lit up when she saw her cute grandkids on her computer screen. I realized how much I take technology for granted. We truly are blessed to have not only the world at our finger tips, but the ability to do things such as video calls and see family who are across the country.

After grandma's we went home and made a delicious Easter dinner with Garrett. We'd been wanting to make something special, but all the lamb was so expensive. We started looking at chicken in the grocery store when Eric spotted a thing of pre-seasoned lamb for only seven dollars! We were so excited and felt so lucky, so we went ahead and got it! Then on Easter, after baking the lamb in the oven, I noticed a tag on the bottom side of the package that said $21. My eyes got huge as I reached in and pulled it out of the trash. Turns out, the lamb was $7 a pound and we had indeed paid $21 for our lamb. I got sick to my stomach realizing we had paid way too much for our dinner, but I decided since it was already in the oven to just enjoy our dinner and not let it spoil the rest of the day. Our entire meal included lamb, asparagus, salad, chipotle deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, green beans, and corn.

Do you like my Easter tulips? Eric wanted to get me flowers but buying flowers was out of our price range. So, after church, we stopped by a friend's backyard who let us pick some to my hearts content! Then we came home and Garrett made them into a beautiful bouquet!

After dinner we went on a sunday walk (the snow had all melted by now) until dark. Then we came home and decorated eggs! Eric said he hadn't decorated eggs on Easter since he was a little kid, but that had to change because I still do it every year!

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