Saturday, February 4, 2012

Temple Square

This weekend we headed up to SLC and met up with Alicia, Peter, Kimmy, Nick, Baylee and Jared. I guess it's tradition with the roommates to meet up every year and look at the Christmas lights. The funny thing is, last year, most of the roommates had girlfriends in the pictures. This year, they're all different girls....and we're married! It was actually my first time seeing the temple lights and all the nativities at Christmas time. There was such a humbling spirit as we walked around (freezing) and looking at not only all the lights, but all the different kinds of people who were there to see them. We also treated ourselves to dinner at the Red Iguana, a very popular, but small, Mexican restaurant with valet parking - and then spent the rest of the evening playing games at Peter and Alicia's. It's always a lot of fun getting together, exchanging old memories from King Henry, and laughing our heads off. We are so blessed to have the friends that we do.

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