Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday!

This past Saturday we got to celebrate Eric's 24th birthday! Due to conference sessions, it was tricky planning a party, but Jay and I were about to set up a birthday breakfast at Delynne (our folk dance teacher's) house. We had an awesome turn out, and the food was delicious!

I spent all Friday evening and Saturday morning baking cakes. I wasn't sure which would be best, or how many people would be there, so I decided to make a few different kinds. It started out with a better-than-sex cake, Eric's favorite. It looked good, it smelled good. After covering it in caramel, I put it on the stove to cool while I began the german chocolate cake. Over a half an hour later, I noticed a burnt smell coming from the stove, and glanced over to see my cake...smoking. It looked as though it would burst into flames any second.

Turns out, I had left the stove-top on and instead of my cake cooling, it had melted all the carmel and burnt the entire cake, including a layer of blackened caramel along the bottom half of the pan. Go me. It was already midnight, it had been a long day of classes and tests, and I still had more to go. And now my cake that had turned out beautifully, was ruined. I began scraping off as much as I could get into the garbage, because I now had to scrub this nasty ruined pan and start all over on a better-than-sex cake. I sent Eric a picture of my blacked masterpiece and said, "If this is better than sex, you might want to re-think the ring."

Luckily, the second one turned out perfect and everyone loved it at the party. I also a three layered german chocolate cake with coconut and caramel glaze, a gluten free cake for myself, and another one for my roommates. A total of seven cakes baked in my oven that night/morning. So Eric, you may not be a seven cow wife like Johnny Lingo's, but you're now my seven cake soon-to-be husband.

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