Saturday, March 12, 2011

There's Something There

No one saw the two of us coming together in a million years. Not even us. We still laugh every time we're together. Who would have thought that there was something there? A few days after dating, I started listening to the song, "There's something there." from Beauty and the Beast. It fits us perfectly. Not saying he's the beast or anything - but just how the two of us came together and no one ever expected it. And now that we have each other in our lives, we could never go on alone. Word's cannot describe how much of a match we are. In every single way, we compliment each other. He makes me smile and laugh more than I ever have. My roommates and best friends are constantly telling me they've never seen me happier...and how much they love to be around the two of us. There must be something there that never was before...

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