Saturday, March 12, 2011

For the next ten life times?

I've never spent so much time before with one person in my life, nor have I ever liked it so much. Every night the past two weeks we've stayed out past curfew, talking. Singing. Laughing. Playing. After a few near incidents with getting his car booted after curfew, we adopted the Denny's parking-lot (since it is open 24 hours) as our hang out. We have been there a few times as late as four AM, loving every minute of it. A few days ago he turned on some songs he wanted me to hear, and just sang them to me in Denny's. He has the most incredible voice I have ever heard. He say's I'm biased, which could have some truth in it, except that long before I fell in love with him, I always loved to hear him sing. He can do any genre, any voice, any accent, any style, any key, any anything. And it is beautiful. Each time he shares his gift of music with me, I can feel the Spirit and my testimony growing stronger. Even if it's not a church song. He has a way of being so captivating while singing and expressing his passions through his words and music. He can deny it all he wants, but he has a very special gift. Often I feel inferior because I've lost so much vocal training and skill through lack of practicing. But since hanging around him, he has brought music back into my life. I sing all the time now. I listen to music all the time now. And I'm planning on taking up vocal lessons in fall now because I really miss it. And I would never want to marry someone so talented and have myself feel embarrassed to join in and sing with him. He turned on some Johnny Cash songs and made me smile a lot by throwing on a Johnny Cash personality and voice. He was good at it to. One of the songs in particular, "Ghost Riders" brought back fond memories as a child singing that with my brothers as we watched "Roy Rogers" and played cowboys. I found myself smiling under the circumstance. 3am, Denny's parkinglot, singing cowboy songs. No one else could be so perfect for me. For my family. Everything felt so right. My favorite song of the night was a new song he introduced me to called, "For the next ten minutes". He did all the voices, all the parts, and it really touched me. The words were so beautiful. And now we sing it all the time together.

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