Saturday, February 22, 2014

Moving On

We DID it! After 6 months of searching and 3 false alarms (including a complete move out and move back in), we finally found a place and moved there to stay. All within 48 hours. We found the cutest little house in Orem that is perfect for us (and our dogs) and we have LOVED every minute here.
Packing is the worst...
Moving in! Thank you EVERYONE who came to my rescue and helped me move so quickly!

I'm so excited to have a garden area!
Our backyard is my favorite part of this house!
The neighbor kids all love our dogs!

Starting to unpack and settle in!

Our first dinner in our new house on our new table!

The first two weeks we were there we had multiple meals and treats brought to us by our neighbors. It's amazing living in a new place and making friends with all our neighbors!

Miracles Happen.

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