Saturday, August 24, 2013

Park City Retreat

After a long summer of dance withdrawals...we finally started rehearsals back up this past Tuesday. All week we had long 8-5 rehearsals and then we finally got to relax and head up to Park City for our new team weekend retreat. I am so excited for this new year and for the incredible personalities we have on team this year. We have so much to prepare for and so many experiences ahead of us and I am anxious to soak every last bit of it up that I can before graduation. Words cannot express my excitement and also my gratitude for the opportunities that lie ahead for all of us! Here's to a FABULOUS new year!
Color coordinating!
More color coordinating!
Love late nights with these girls!
Early morning hike up Stewart Falls!
Always singing ...
Love these two!
Our new team!
Such a beautiful day!
Some of the best friends a girl could have!

"Surround yourself with greatness." -Chad Lewis

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