Monday, February 11, 2013

to do or not to do...

I always speed-walk home from my last class and make a list in my head of everything I'm going to do the minute I walk in the door. I'm super pumped, everything is planned, I'm going to get so much done tonight...and then I walk in the door, sit down, and two hours later I'm still sitting here. I've done some important things...or at least I'm trying to tell myself that, but lets be realistic, nine hours of class wears my mind out and I just need to vedge (is that a real word?) and just do nothing for a while. So while I'm sitting here hiding from the dishes, my workout, my research paper due in the morning, and everything else...I figured I'd at least write a little and make myself feel productive.

This weekend was really fun and amazingly not too busy. I slept through about half of it, which is good because I'm trying to get better! Saturday we got to visit Eric's grandma with Justin and Shellese and their cute twinners! It was the first time grandma had seen the babies and it was the cutest thing watching her hold them for the first time. Then Saturday evening we went on a double date with Lawrence and the very cute Hannah Brown. It was a night full of laughter, yummy food and games!

Yesterday (Sunday) was kind of a crazy day! I got a new calling to be primary pianist, which was one of my callings in High School and I loved it! I'll spend as much time with those cute kids as I can get! I just hope Eric is prepared for me to come home and have Popcorn Popping and Book of Mormon Stories stuck in my head all day. We also did some driving around and admiring beautiful homes (something we love to do together). Look at this foggy picture I took at the temple:

We spent the rest of our Sunday attending multiple birthday parties, and then had an interesting evening once Eric slipped himself an ambien. But that's another story for another time. Oh and one more thing! Eric's first New Testament video came out on the church website! Watch it and see if you can spot him!

Peter preaches and is arrested

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